The first parkour school in Gaza

An inclusive sports and education community in Gaza, empowering children to overcome physical and mental barriers through parkour. Athletes from PK Gaza will be teaching the younger generation within the safety of an equipped gym.

Meet the team

Ahmad Matar

Co-founder, Parkour Lead

Ahmad was one of the first members of PK Gaza, at the age of 19 he moved to Sweden and began his career as a parkour instructor. For the past 6 years he has been teaching to groups of all ages, and will be responsible for managing the teachers and the curriculum, organizing competitions and fostering a community of world-class freerunning athletes.

Majd Mashharawi

Co-founder, Operations Lead

Majd Mashhawari is the CEO of GreenCake, a Gaza Strip-based startup that designs and manufacturers bricks made from recycled local materials, and Sunbox, brining solar energy to Gaza. She will be responsible for logistics and operations in setting up the warehouse space for the school, as well as providing clean energy!

Tom Vaillant

Co-founder, Fundraising Lead

Tom is a producer with 7 years of experience in interactive and film production, building digital strategies for brands and leading multi-disciplinary teams on international projects. Currently living in Sweden, Tom is responsible for fundraising, branding and technology.

Doaa M. Seyam

Community Lead

Doaa is a civil engineering graduate from the Islamic university of Gaza, and has been working as a project manager for one of the largest business incubators in Gaza UCAS. She hopes to use her experience coordinating and networking with NGOs, universities, and individuals to create a thriving ecosystem of learning and entrepreneurial passion at the school.

Abdallah AlQassab

Parkour Coach

Is a 23 year old parkour athlete and an English language student recently graduated from AlAqsa university. Abdallah has been practicing Parkour since 2005 and began teaching 6 years ago.
Abdallah is part of the new generation of Gaza Parkour, he hopes to make parkour more popular for the people in Gaza. "Parkour is freedom for me, simply... Trying to enjoy my life with family, friends and people who they are close to me."

Jehad abo Sultan

Parkour Coach

Is a 31 year old parkour athlete and coach, he's been practicing with PK Gaza parkour team since 2005 and began teaching 7 years ago.
"I always love sharing my experiences with others, parkour is my way of living and to express the freedom that’s why I love doing Parkour.
My life outside of parkour is a bit tough because I have to work with something I don’t like which is selling makeup and perfume to be able to take care of my family, and also in the other time I take care of my father because he is disabled and cannott move his body. Parkour and family is where I find happiness.“

2Y Budget

2Y Roadmap

Phase Timeline
Fundraising Jan 20' - March 20'
Refurbishing the warehouse March 20' - April 20'
School opening in temporary location April 2020
Land purchasing May 20' - July 20'
School construction August 20' - March 21'
Moving to permanent location April 21' - Sept 21'
Permanent school opening October 2021

About parkour in Gaza

As much a philosophy of life and an art form as an athletic discipline, parkour is the passing of obstacles and barriers by running, jumping, and climbing. Athletes must travel from one point to another in the most creative way imaginable.

For a generation of young Palestinians who have grown up in a flood of under-employment, it has become a method of self-expression, an escape, and a way of life. The idea of parkour is to "find your own way", and failure became a victory in itself; proof that you’ve tried and learned. The lines blurred until all obstacles in their lives became walls, waiting to be overcome. With renewed motivation they attempted to better their lives, elsewhere and outside of Gaza.

"It makes me feel like I can overcome all obstacles in my life. There is nothing stopping you. You try until you get your goals" — Mohammed Aljakhabir